Bounce Marathon




    Bounce Marathon is the one player Ping-pong based game you will love. With different difficult levels this is a game for everyone. Keep the ball bounce for as long as you can and earn point’s wile doing it. For you help there’s different tools to collect. But watch out, there’s a few traps on the way.

    Fully supported with settings, high scores and HD graphics.
    This game will give you many hours of fun so why wait. Try it now!


    •Three difficult levels with separate high scores.
    •HD graphics
    •Hours of fun

    Will you be the best Bounce Marathon player in the world?


    Release the ball by tapping to right of the bar. Control the bar with your right thumb touching the area behind the bar to keep the ball bouncing. Hit the side opposite of the bar to collect points and collect the green and red boxes.

    Green boxes will get you tools to make it easier but red boxes will make it harder. The balls speed is progressive and will increase during the game. The bouncing angel of the ball depends of where it hits the bar and this gives you more control of the ball.

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