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    Published: 2013-08-13, by Peter Warrior.

    A thrilling rretro-like arcade

    • Fun, fun, fun
    • Meow
    • Retro-like design
    • Its simpleness might be too much

    "Chase cars and meow"

    Box Cat is one of those original, non-sense games designed only to make your day. You, Box Cat, as everybody should already know, have to smash all the oncoming cars by hurling yourself onto them. There are trucks and bosses also. Meow.

    Everything's packed into retro-like graphics and retro-like MIDI tunes, with a big red lace of retro-like gameplay and some power-ups and unlockable characters. This game can be controlled by either on-screen buttons or tilting, and even though it may seem too simple when you start, things get realer when you learn the ropes on charging and carom shots.

    In short, a very fun game, afar from twisted and frowning games. Although it's true that there isn't a trial version, the price includes the whole game without further expenses, and it's a perfect game to play for playing's sake and don't think about anything else.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 13, 2013


    Box Cat is a retro arcade smasher created for Android. Smash into cars and create traffic mayhem!

    Drive Box Cat towards oncoming cars with tilt or touch controls. Progress through Adventure mode to complete achievements, unlock new Cats and discover the world of Box Cat. Battle waves of cars and trucks in the relentless Survival Mode. Enjoy life while smashing through 7 lanes of heavy traffic in Rush Hour mode.


    -Smash Cars
    -Dash Trucks
    -Become "Super Box Cat"
    -Hear an original chiptune soundtrack
    -Unlock Cats


    "Box Cat comes highly recommended, as a quick arcade fix with lasting power." —Touch Gen

    "It has a Rush Hour mode, which is super fun. It puts you on a double size street and there's cars coming down every lane. Basically you wreak havoc running into all these cars and you can build up super huge combos." —Touch Arcade

    "Box Cat feels like a catharsis or apology for all those animals that were shamelessly harmed in games such as Frogger. Instead of creatures being run over by cars, cars are being run over by Box Cat." —

    "The system works because as you play you get better, and the difficulty of the objectives increases to match your new-found car-destroying skills." —Pocket Gamer

    "Imagine an 8-bit Burnout's Crash Junctions except you're driving a cat" —Shaun Inman, Creator of The Last Rocket


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