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    Published: 2012-01-12, by Ana Gracia.

    Pop, pop, pop and find the key

    • Fun and more original than others
    • Addictive
    • Can get boring

    "The key that lay behind the bubble"

    And yes, there is another one. Bubble Crusher is a bubble popping game in which your main requirement is to be quick and find the key that hides behind one of the bubbles.

    You need to pop bubbles continuously so you get extra points. In addition, you shouldn't pop the already popped bubbles because it will make your time shorter. If you ever pop the skull the game will be over. As the game advances the difficulty also increases and it has more features like finding two keys, bubbles that refill automatically and double bubbles.

    There are two game modes, the Classic where you have 2 minutes to find the maximum number of keys and the Zen mode hat allows you o pop as many bubbles as possible. Even if it's a simple bubble game, it's true that it's kind of different from the others, a bit more original and quite enjoying.

    RV AppStudios is the developer of Bubble Crasher, a new entertaining casual game that has created another one of our little guilty pleasure. Give it a try and don't pop the skull!

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    Jan 12, 2012


    Bubble Crusher is the most thrilling bubble popping game. Pop, pop, pop those bubbles!
    Bubble Crusher is an extremely fun bubble popping game that requires you to be quick. Pop the bubble, but don't pop them twice! There is a simple fun elements with the different twists and challenges that is bound to make you laugh and enjoy.
    Bubble Crusher is ideal to play when you have a few minutes and want a quick break during the day. The game currently offer two exciting game modes, with more game modes coming soon!

    Dual Mode – NEW:

    Challenge your friends to play Bubble Crusher as Dual Mode allows two players to play against each other in one device!

    Classic Mode:
    Stay focused since you have two minutes to play and beat all the levels. You have to be focused in the early rounds and complete them so that you have more time at the end. It's challenging, fun, and will provide hours of fun. The objective is to find the hidden key in each level while avoiding the dreaded skull.

    Zen Mode:
    Allows you to pop as many bubbles as you can to earn points in 2 minutes, while avoiding the dreaded skull. Plus get bonus seconds and points by finding the key and popping certain bubbles. You have to be quick, since the bubbles will refill.

    Beautiful Graphics
    Amazing Sound Effects
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