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    Published: 2012-02-07, by Ana Gracia.

    Aim your shot and get to all the evil bugs

    • Entertaining and fun
    • Really addictive
    • Excellent graphics and gameplay
    • Doesn't provide anything new

    "Helping Bumbledore"

    Bumbledore is a wizard that has been training you for years, preparing for this upcoming day. Beezelbug is back and has brought with him an incredible army of evil bugs that will do everything in their power to win.

    What's more, the master has gone missing and your task is to beat Beezelbug and win the battle by throwing fireballs, lighting and getting help from volcanoes.

    The controls are incredibly smooth and you just need to drag your finger to aim your shoot so you can kill as many bugs as you can at once and continue to do so until you kill them all trying not to run out of spells. Take into account that there are some physic effects so you need to shoot strategically and maybe you'll get lucky and one fireball will get to more than one bug.

    So yes, that's what you need to do, clear the bugs from the screen and advance through the levels. This is a game with a similar system as Angry Birds so it's quite enjoyable. Its graphics and animations are excellent and the gameplay is fun and entertaining, a nice discovery.

    Nimbly Games is the developer of Bumbledore, a name that might bring us some memories, right? It's actually nothing like Harry Potter but the name is pretty catchy. Download and try it out, the users seem to love it as well.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 07, 2012


    Throw fireballs, call down lightning, and summon volcanoes to defend your hive from annihilation!

    For years you've trained under the great wizard Bumbledore in the hallowed halls of Honeyhold Keep, preparing for a day like this. Beezelbug, the most promising and ambitious young wizard of his generation, has returned from a long journey through distant lands and dark teachings. He brings with him an army of ferocious bugs, their greedy minds filled with promises of magical power. Your master has gone missing. Can you repel Beezelbug's evil horde?

    Master the flows of magic!
    Clear grouped invaders with explosive fireballs and dismantle tight ranks with piercing ice spears. Fling ball lightning into loose enemy lines and summon bolts from the sky to interrupt airborne ambushes. Time meteors carefully to maximize destruction or hold invaders in place with magical blades of grass. Channel magma from the earth to melt enemy armor.

    Conquer stages with logic, skill, and force!
    Develop a game plan to exploit your enemies' weaknesses. Aim your spells carefully for maximum impact. Shatter ice bugs and knock fireflies into enemy ranks to create devastating combos. Clear dozens of enemies with a perfectly placed spell to earn bonus points and unlock expert stages.

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