The history books tells the stories of heroes. The stories of lives changed, and worlds impacted. Today is your opportunity to step into one such story. Your opportunity to be one such hero fighting off an unimaginably large force. Step into the paws of a single rabbit trying to survive in a world overrun by hawks. Experience the opportunity to stand up for your ideas, and to hold off the tide of time. Experience Burrow, the game that will change history.

    --A Unique and Engrossing Story
    --State of the Art Graphics
    --Innovate Sound Effects
    --A Feeling of Belonging

    What the people are saying:
    "I've never felt so connected to the past." -- Anonymous
    "I have a newfound love for rabbits and rabbitkind. This game completed changed my worldview" -- Anonymous
    "so vintage, much wow" -- Doge

    Android 2.2

    Extended Instructions:
    --Goal: Survive as long as possible. The game ends when your health runs out.
    --Gain health by collecting carrots.
    --Your health drain is constant, due to hunger and the pressure of opposing ideas on the viewpoints of your player.
    --Hawks take more health.
    --Burrowing (press left and right together) protects you from being hit by a hawk, but increases the constant health drain slightly.

    Vibrate: Used in the state of art "immerse" design.

    Game Content:
    Character Sprites are from the public domain sprite sheets on
    Other graphical assets are the work of Nathan Tornquist.
    All audio was created by Michael Betz (

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