Bye Bugs




    Bye Bugs! The perfect game for keeping your kids, or the kids in you, occupied for hours smashing bugs! Don't be fooled, this is a challenging game where you will be frantically squashing bugs against the clock to meet level goals. Every level gets progressively harder and has a different mix of bugs to smash including types of spiders, flies, gnats, ants, butterflies, bees, dragon flies, beetles, cockroaches and many more! There are power-ups to help you kill more bugs including boots, hands, bug spray, bug nuke, instant rage, and more! The more bugs you hit in a row without missing, the more "rage" you generate, and the faster you can kill those bugs! But be careful, don't get stung by the bees, or hit obstacles on the ground like flowers and poop piles causing you to lose points! To give you a fighting chance, you start with 3 lives, and can get more life power-ups throughout the game. You can also save and restore your game as many times as you need.

    If you want to just keep your kids occupied, put the game in "kids" mode which provides a random mix of bugs to squash and power-ups to use, without any level goals or other distractions.

    The lite (and free) version allows you to try squashing some of the bug types available in the game through a few levels, as well as a timed kids mode. The full version of the game gives you 50 progressively challenging levels ending with the super bug boss to kill, as well as an un-timed kids mode just for fun.

    Now go smash those bugs!

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