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    In the near future a war rages on between two factions, one set on controlling the world and one set on keeping man free. This war takes place in the macro but also in the micro...down in the the brain where nanobots and biots fight to rewire each man, woman and child. You control your biot and your job is to get into this persons brain, find your way to their synapses and destroy the handiwork of the nanobots sent before you. Oh, and make it back out alive.

    Two factions. One would use nanotechnology to unite all of humanity in a single hive mind and bring universal peace and brotherhood. The other faction, BZRK, fights for individual liberty. The battle rages in the macro and in the micro -- down in the meat -- where the mites crawl and the germs ooze and the spark of consciousness leaps between synapses. You are BZRK. Control your biot to enter the brain and destroy the nanobots before they create another happy slave.

    - Fight to maintain you sanity!
    - A deadly race against time!
    - Awesome Upgrades!
    - Unique swipe fighting and tilting controls!
    - Dynamic fighting combos!
    - Microscopic 3D landscapes!
    - Part of an immersive literary experience with a book series, web community and game playing, and much more!

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