Candyless is based in a beautiful world split into two. On the left side you have the dark and bitter hemisphere. Opposite there is the crunchy and colourful world of candy.

    Help an innocent monster trapped in a tower to get some candy. The monster is trapped on the dark side, but he misses candy so much! He builds a device than can harvest sweets, but he needs your help to control it. You will be entering the world of colourful richness to collect as much candy for monster as possible. Do not get distracted by the beautiful scenery as you really need to catch all of it!

    There are many different brick types for you to crush and activate. Normal candy, hard candy or even teleporting candy! If you want to be creative there is an option for that too, create your own levels and play them with your friends, in the Level Editor. You can choose the candy you want and make the best level imaginable and show it off to your friends.

    This is a single-screen multiplayer game, so you can enjoy it with your friends wherever you are!

    Optimized for tablets, but you can also enjoy Candyless on your phone!


    -Wonderful graphics and sounds!
    -Single-screen multiplayer game! (If you are really coordinated you can also play it alone!)
    -Create your own levels in the Level Editor!
    -Discover the sweet scenery of Candyless that will fill you with joy!
    -Reinvention of the arcade classic Brick Breaker!
    -Play on Android tablets and smartphones!

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