Castle Defense 2

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    Castle Defense Medieval is a fun Castle Defense game.

    You need to place the towers strategically to stop the enemies before they steal your gold. If you can't stop the enemies they steal your gold and the game is over.

    The first 6 game waves begins easy with a few peasants with pitchforks but later it gets a bit more difficult when the knights, dragons, ravens and horse knight come to play... then the real fun starts!

    When you click on a tower you see what the tower can do for you, can he shoot in the air to stop the monsters or can the tower only shoot on the ground to stop the enemies... Or what is the shoot delay and the radius of the projectile, you can see it all when you tab on a tower.

    For some waves you need to change the towers, for example, if you have all towers who shoot on the ground you need to change them when you get a wave with flying monsters...

    Very nice 3D graphics and fantastic sound and sound effects. Fun game to play for hours for young and old.
    NEW: You can now zoon in and shoot the enemies.

    Good Luck in defending your Gold!

    NOW also for Windows and MAC OSX see our website!
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    Added ScoreBoard
    Complete New levels and New Waves
    New Menu whit a level selector (select the levels/waves you want to play)
    Pause Button, Mute sound, Mute Music, News Download
    New High Res Graphics
    Optimized for phones and 7- to 10-inch tablets.

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    NOTE: Coming soon, Much more levels and New Waves!

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