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Castle War

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    Castle War

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    Castle War is combined three genres such as Defense, RTS and Arcade, and it is a “Side-Scrolling RTS”.

    -The selected field units which are able to use total 14 unique magics and skills

    -There are total 26 upgrade systems. It means that you are able to your make own units and strategies

    -Appear 28 different monsters

    -Strong boss will appear in a special stage, and it makes more challenging.

    The condition of WIN

    Create units and then destroy the enemies castle (Dark Portal) by own strategy.


    -Collect a tax (Gold) from Castle automatically as time goes by

    -Gold Speed Gained increase after updating a castle


    -Provide a fixed quantity. Also, you are able to gain a crystal by a monster in a battle mode.

    -Able to use a crystal when using the Unit Training, Level Upgrade, and Skill upgrade on Upgrade

    Unit Creation

    It creates by the selected icon on a battle mode. The necessary gold amount for the production of unit shows the bottom of Icon, it deducts gold after producing a unit.

    Unit Selection:

    -Select a unit which is created in a field on a battle mode.

    -Able to select a unit at once

    Active Skill:

    -Once you perform a skill, it can attempt to use a magic or skill

    -Use the condition which on the unit which is selected.

    Passive Skill:

    It affects a skill or magic automatically

    To activate the skill, click once the Icon or to deactivate the skill, click once the activated icon.

    It will be affected to the same units if you change a unit condition.

    Enchanted Skill:

    Give an elemental ability such as Fire, Ice and etc on weapon and then give additional attribute damage when attacking a unit


    Arrow -> Golem : 17%

    1. You are able to create a unit by the bottom button.

    When creating a unit, you spend an amount of gold, and the consumption shows on the bottom right.

    If you want to create various units, you need a crystal which is captured by a monster. So, before you start a ‘BATTLE’, you need to train the character through the ‘UPGRADE’ menu.

    2. When upgrading the ‘Gold booster’, the Max Gold Amount Increase, and Gold Gain Speed Increase.

    Also, you are able to upgrade through the ‘UPGRADE’ menu using a Crystal. The used item from the ‘UPGRADE’ menu will be affected continuously for the next stages.

    The strong unit spends much gold to upgrade due to the reason, you need to consider your actions with strategy.

    3. The button of Castle attack: The key is for shooting a powerful arrow from a Castle

    Able to control an angle by right and left arrow key, and it gives a splash damage to the enemy, but it gives a damage to your unit too. You should consider it when you use it.

    4. Skill Usage: After learning each character’s skill from the ‘UPGRADE’ menu, you should click on a unit in a field, and you see the selected unit’s skill in the bottom of the Icon, and then click on the Icon to activate a skill.

    There are 2 kinds of skills such as Active (affected once) and Passive (affected continuously). After applying a passive skill to a unit, the same kinds of units are affected too.

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