3,0 Update

    - Add Robot Item.
    - Fixed Android 5.1 compatibility
    - Improve save function
    - Joystick control (rotate claw possible)
    - One Touch pick button
    - More realistic physics doll shape. (not just box or sphere colliders)


    Brief explanation
    - If game starts, 30 seconds of basic time is given.
    - Whenever you got a prize, the basic time is given again.
    - If red target is picked up, basic time increases.
    - If yellow target is picked up, claw is added.
    - If presses claw button longer, grip power gets stronger.
    - If camera is picked up, it is saved.

    Target (circle of dotted line on the doll)
    1. Red target = 3 seconds are added to basic 30 seconds.
    2. Yellow target = 3 claws are added.
    3. No target = -1 seconds applied to basic 30 seconds.

    1. Hourglass = 30 seconds are added. (cost: basic time 3 seconds)
    2. Robot = Auto Strops the claw when miss the doll. (cost: basic time 5 seconds)
    2. Camera = Current level is saved. (cost: basic time -8 seconds)
    3. UFO = 10 claws are added. (cost: basic time -6 seconds)
    4. Reading glass = Small dolls are enlarged. (cost: basic time 10 seconds)
    5. Worm hole = Swallow surrounding dolls. (cost: basic time 15 seconds)

    Game over
    If basic time becomes 0 or the number of claws becomes 0, the game is over.

    3 type of play mode
    1. Challenge mode - It is basic play mode. (World score is available.)
    2. Time mode - Mode to pick up 5 items quickly (World score is available.)
    3. Custom mode - Game for practice (Impossible to record score)

    * It is good if the beginner practices custom mode that is capable of control level of difficulty.

    Tip form game masters
    - It is the easiest to pick up red > yellow > yellow in order.
    - Each doll has the angle and situation of its own to be picked up well. (For example, the cases the legs of lamb point upward or the doll is at the corner or it is covered by another doll, etc.) In this case, it is good to pick up the easiest one after giving up 3 seconds because time can be wasted if you try to pick up the target by force continuously.
    - Game gets difficult later because basic time decreases if purchases too many items at the beginning. Please use items when it is necessary definitely.

    - Reality of claw that full 3D physics engine is applied
    - 3 types of play mode
    - 5 kinds of item & 12 zodiac characters
    - Local and world score
    - Capable of selecting 3-buttons or 1-button style of claw control key
    - Convenient UI environment such as volume control and pause

    Testing devices
    Samsung Galaxy S, Tap, S2 and Note
    Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note

    Recommended specification of device
    Above CPU 1Ghz
    * Lag may take place in the device whose specification is below recommendation. Please refer to that below download.

    Epilogue of developer & acknowledgement
    Improvement methods and ideas suggested by numerous people through review and e-mail so far were very helpful for improving the game. Thank you very much. There was a limit to find the bugs because I developed the game alone, however, I could amend fast the bugs now that such people kindly sent me the bug report. And, there have been frequent updates due to a number of trial and error. Hope you kindly understand that please. It seems to be stabilized a lot with version 2.1 by now. I will prepare for the next work based on the experience up to date hereafter. Thanks again for your support on Catch Master.^^

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