Catch Stars

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    Catch Stars is a simple casual arcade-action style game. The game area contains stars which are blocked by different obstacles. The goal of the game is to shoot down the stars from the sky and catch them by moving platform in the bottom.

    - Lots of levels -

    The first version includes 72 levels combined in six level packs.

    - NO ads, NO irrelevant permissions -

    This is a full version that contains NO any integrated ads. It also doesn't require any Android specific permissions.

    - Simple control, Challenging levels -

    The game navigation and controlling is simple: tap bottom line to move cannon with catching platform and then tap target position to shot at, and after that move the cannon with the platform to catch the falling stars. It is challenging however to shot down some stars blocked by several obstacles. The shooting balls should be accurately directed to desired target positions. Note, the ball path is not straight but it is bent by gravity.