Chicken Defense

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    Chicken Defense is a hilariously funny arcade and action game to satisfy your insatiable appetite for fried chickens. Fry your chickens, and eat them too!!!

    "Why do the chicken cross the road?"

    Long before the age of social media, there had been a long history of humans invading the privacy of chicken kind.

    Crossing the road unscrutinized, laying eggs without humans puzzling over if the chicken came first or the egg came first, humans never respected such basic chicken dignities. At long last the silence toward such flagrant teasing has ended. They are coming, the chickens!!! They will ransack your barn and lay waste to your farm if unfried.

    Will you rise to the occasion, fry chickens fodder, do epic battles against big bad chicken bosses, protect your barn and defeat these dastardly birds? Or will your beautiful barn be the scenic resort for wandering fowls and receive complimentary fertilization?

    Beware: This game contains bad puns, cliche barnyard humor, and 150 levels of chicken frying fun!!!

    ***** Maturity Rating: Medium *****

    Works well on devices of any resolution, screen size, screen density.

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    How to play:

    * Touch screen anywhere to blast invading chickens with acorns.
    * Touch fried chicken magic spell icon, blast the fire ball spell, or in Barn Yard Defense language Fried Chicken Spell on a crowd of chickens and have dinner made for the evening. When the spell is ready, the power up music is played and the spell icon to the lower right is lit. Touch the spell icon and it will be highlighted and ready to cast. Cast the spell immediately or it will expire.
    * Win feathers by blasting chickens and upgrade your fence, the fried chicken magic spell
    and your acorn's ability to repel chickens.

    Known issue:

    1. On some Motorola devices the sound may stop working sometimes. Just stop and restart (force close) the app and it will work fine again. Don't worry, all game data like your hit points, feathers you collected, and everything are saved and will be ready when you continue.

    2. On some of the low end devices, like some of the older low end ASUS and Samsung tablets, the screen sometimes go black when switching from play screen to upgrade screen and vice verse. Please try a few times and it will start working again. Or, go to home screen, and restart the game. The game should continue normally again.