Circle Reflection




    The ball which jumps about in the inside of a colorful ring.
    Rotate a ring by swipe, not to drop a ball, hit against the target color and aim at a high score!
    A new sense ball reflective game, "Circle Reflection".

    The game arranging only the bar of Breakout in the shape of a circle and in which reflecting a ball by the inner side of a circle speaking directly.
    However, the color is attached to the bar, and unless it reflects with the bar of the same color as the color of a ball, mark do not enter.
    Please operate a skillful circular bar, hit against the target color continuously, and aim at a high score.
    The effect at the time of reflection also changes by piling up a combo.
    A level is to a maximum of 20.
    The number of the number and colors of a bar increases, so that it is high-level.

    [How to play]
    - Choose a level on a start screen. (Tap a triangular button)
    - Start a button by a tap!
    - Since a ball is discharged after countdown, if a ball is applied to Bar who stood in a line in the shape of a circle, return.
    - Turn around a ring by right-and-left swipe (Flick).
    - If it reflects by Bar of the same color as the color (square of or middle) of a ball, mark will enter.
    - Since it is displayed on the upper right, the following color is reference!
    - It is out when a ball comes outside a screen. It can challenge to three lives.
    - Restart a restart button by a tap.

    - The number of bars and the number of colors increase, so that it is high-level. (A level is 4 to 20) Unless it hits the color of the - purpose, mark do not enter.
    - When it hits against the target color continuously, it is a mark rise by COMBO!
    - The mark which enter at once are so large that it is high-level.
    - The more it reflects, the more the speed of a ball becomes early.
    - If the bar is moving when reflecting, a reflective angle will change.
    - A reflective effect changes by a combo.

    [The operation method]
    (Basic operation)
    - Tap : level selection, a start, a restart
    - Swipe (Flick) : ring rotation

    - BGM had you let it use TAM Music Factory's ( music.
    - I was allowed to produce a sound effect using "KanaWave."


    ONION software

    This is Japanese indie game made with HSP( Hot Soup Procrssor ).
    A multiplatform game can be made by HSP.

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