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    Published: 2013-05-20, by Ana Gracia.

    Attack the mythological creatures

    • Fun game
    • Well-designed
    • Power-ups, thrilling
    • Nothing new

    "The Olympians Strength"

    Clash of the Olympians is an epic game featuring Greek heroes where the main goal is to protect your temple from mythological creatures. You will be able to use between three heroes.

    Loaded with powerful weapons, you need to use them against the enemies by attacking them as quickly and as precisely as you possibly can. How? Slide your finger towards the direction you want to shoot and keep in mind that your resistance will decrease and you'll need more time in order to keep launching weapons.

    Whenever you kill all the creatures in a level, you will receive a result panel with your final score and the special features like maximum hit combo, trick shooting, temple structure and other power-ups. Then, don't forget to choose some power-ups so as to be better prepared for the next hoard of monsters.

    Ironhide Game Studio is the developer of Clash of the Olympians, en interesting action game where aiming is the most important thing you've got. Be sure to equip yourself and destroy all those who want to attack your temple.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 20, 2013


    Take on the role of one of the mighty Greek heroes and defend your temple against hordes of mythological creatures using a vast array of powerful weapons and godly powers!

    Clash of the Olympians highlights:

    * Action packed defend the temple game that will test your wits and precision!

    * 3 Heroes to choose from: Play as the mighty Heracles, the quick Perseus or the legendary Achilles!

    * Face mythological creatures with different abilities! Minotaurs, Gorgons, Harpies and more!

    * Train your hero! Upgrade his weapons and grant him special powers! Each hero has his own arsenal so choose wisely!

    * Arcade style rewards! Show off your skill by performing head shots, multi-kills, quick kills and more!

    So what are you waiting for! The hordes of Hades are approaching and only you can stop them!
    Bring'em ON!

    **Optimized for devices with 800x400 or better resolution.**

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