hey guys, welcome James Mayr's song "Fire" to Collision! WOOO :D He's making others and of course I know promised game play that is affected by the music playing...And well that's on its way :D CHOOO CHOOO peace guys, and thanks for playing Collision. Also, thank you James Mayr for your Music/Inspiration. Leave some love below for the music guys

    WOW! Thanks a lot everyone, Collision! just got over 500 downloads :D
    Thanks you for joining me on my awesome adventure :D

    Here is a few things you can expect:
    New enemie types - CHECK - heat seekers added!
    Solar Snake appearance - CHECK
    Some art to help out with screen transitions - CHECK
    A point notifier - CHECK
    Default high Scores - CHECK
    Display console champion - CHECK
    OpenGl support - CHECK
    Multiplayer - (The real way) on multiple droids at once!
    This is the real goal of this project,
    I hope to use this as a learning tool for
    future games that I make.
    3D models - This another thing I want to learn through
    creating this game, rendering 3D using OpenGl
    AND responsive music / Particle Systems - It's almost done! :D the music is being created and the particle system works perfectly :D

    So, thanks again guys. And please please please!!! Leave comments(Or email me, like many of you have, thank you soo much) with any helpful
    advice slash ideas slash love slash hate. I need and want to hear everything you guys have to say or are thinking about my game. I'm in my third year of college and going onto my third year as a programmer. I plan on making games forever and this whole android app thing is a huge. Wait thats understatement, This is where I do all my learning :) So please, if you want the future of video games to be awsome..HELP ME OUT!!! :D Thanks guys

    Thanks for your support guys!

    Please download Collision!,rate, comment, and also DOWNLOAD SOLAR SNAKE :D

    I made this game in less then 5 hours for a homework for one of my classes. But it's actually pretty fun. And don't worry we all made different games :)

    The objective is to place a finger on the BIG Green Circle.
    Move around your finger to the other green balls to get points, avoid the red ones because they'll cause a game over.Once game is over enter your name and hit submit score. The top 10 scores are saved and displayed on the game screen

    Challenge your buddies YO!

    If anyones interested I first made it using a program by google/MIT called appinventor, check it out!
    -But I couldn't upload that version. So I reprogrammed it using the real deal stuff baby and now it's much better

    And by the way if you want to play a really fun and awesome game...Go search for
    "Solar Snake" :D
    It's the bees knees ;)

    Love Jimmy <3

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    John MacKay

    by John MacKay

    Apr 29, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Love it!

    Abby Zerrusen

    by Abby Zerrusen

    May 31, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    I love this game best game ever. Everyone, plz install it because colision (and solar snake) are the best games ever! I DID uninstall it one time but that was because there were more games I wanted and was running out of room and uninstalled almost ALL the games I had so don't feel bad. But then I remebered about your games and did EVERYTHING I could to get them back because I forgot the names! No

    Braedon B

    by Braedon B

    May 20, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    I don't know what yu do? What do yu do? What is yr account name?