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    Conjurer: Awoken's review

    Published: 2014-01-15, by Peter Warrior.

    A horror tower defense

    • Innovative gameplay
    • Above average graphics
    • Too short
    • We should ask for more of everything

    "Dark Mage tales vol 1"

    First at all, Conjurer is a tower defense game. You build towers and passively wait for those towers to destroy all incoming enemies. You can upgrade towers or, if things get out of hand, use your chosen screen wipe-off fireball magik.

    Any resemblance with tower defense genre ends here. You can't place towers wherever you want, only on some sort of crystal structures. You don't gather coins or gems either, but store blue and red mana to upgrade those towers (long tap on them). These towers don't have to belong to a specific color, but mix both to become more powerful and increase their rate of fire.

    This game comes with a (skippable) storyline read between stages in brief cutscenes. Graphics are 3D and are quite beautiful. However, most of the time you'll play with the farthest zoom out top-down view to know what's happening on the battlefield and will have no time to zoom in on and enjoy. Levels are varied both is landscape and gameplay.

    We can only blame Awoken's developer for making it too short for a defense game (twelve stages, when we are used to tens of them, can't be considered enough). We would like it had more of everything, because even though it won't reinvent the genre, it's indeed a fresh breeze into it.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 15, 2014


    A fast paced action tower defense game, Conjurer: Awoken provides non-stop waves of action and strategy!
    * Play up to 4th level for FREE! Only $0.99 (USD) to unlock the full game
    * 10 unique levels from icy tundras to swamps, multiple paths, and one with no towers!
    * Use powerful magic, like fire ball or trap, to take out groups of enemies
    * Upgrade your crystals to new types: AOE, long-range, siphon, and more!
    * Choose wisely to spend your mana on either upgrading your crystals or magic
    * Level up your mage and choose where to specialize
    * A 12 level story mode with cut-scenes and a dark tale of a mage who unleashed chaos into the world
    * Unlock endless and highscore modes with leaderboards!

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