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    Control The Traffic Free is a strategy game created by Go Hard Programming. In this game, you must control multiple traffic lights to guide cars through a town. This free version has advertisements built into it.

    Top features included with Control The Traffic Free:
    • Bluetooth Multiplayer
    • Survival Mode (Arcade Mode)
    • Season Mode (Arcade Mode)
    • A level up system(licensor)

    In this game, your objective is to get the traffic through your town to keep your job as traffic conductor. You achieve this goal by clicking on the streetlights to control traffic flow. Traffic control can be challenging. If you change the streetlights at the wrong time, a collision may occur which will cost you a life. If you lose too many lives, you will lose your job! You must also keep traffic flowing through your town, failure to do so will result in the drivers getting frustrated.

    Survival mode:
    This mode represents a more arcade style way to play the game. You have one life, and you try to keep your job for as long as possible! Getting income, spending money and navigating the shop are not affiliated with this game mode. Traffic will gradually build in intensity and managing the traffic will become more challenging.

    Season Mode:
    Season mode is a lot more complex than Survival mode. In Season mode you earn an income which makes you money. The money can then be used to buy upgrades at the store. Each season has 30 days and income gained from sent cars is gained at the end of each day. The game will cycle through summer, fall, winter and spring.

    In this release of the app, Bluetooth multiplayer has been working on all the android devices tested on (2.1+). Currently Bluetooth multiplayer supports a very balanced Season Mode variant that lasts for one year (the four seasons discussed in season mode section) and allows you to use the shop to send your opponent things or upgrade yourself. A survival mode version of this is now working where you and your opponent try to last as long as possible.

    Good luck, and have fun!!!

    A full version is also available with no ads.

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