Crazy Cupcakes




    The friendly cupcakes of Cupcake Land are in trouble and need your help! Menacing vegetables have begun a full scale invasion of Cupcake Land with one mission - to wipe Cupcake Land and all its inhabitants off the map! You may know that vegetables are safe for human consumption. However, because vegetables are not part of typical cupcake habitat, the cupcakes are severely allergic to vegetables. If a cupcake has prolonged exposure to vegetables, they will develop a very serious illness called "Crazy Cupcake Syndrome." Early warning signs include frantic facial expressions and waving of the arms.

    How to save these cupcakes you ask? Well, it just so happens that one hero in cupcake land is immune to the effects of vegetables and his name is Captain Cupcake. Receiving his powers from a secret recipe green frosting, its ultra sugary properties negate the effects of Crazy Cupcake Syndrome. Unfortunately this recipe has been lost to time, so Captain Cupcake is the only hero lucky enough to still have it.

    Now that you know the grave danger that the cupcakes of Cupcake Land are in, their fate is in your hands! Make use of Captain Cupcake's secret recipe frosting and save the cupcakes from the marauding vegetables! Beware of their truly frightening arsenal of carrots, celery, and tomatoes! Use caution dodging their onslaught of lettuce, cabbage, and peas! Do not be fooled by blocks of gelatin garnished with delectable delights, for they are actually the dreaded tofu in disguise! And last but not least of the horrors, keep an eye out for the Broccoli Brigadier, Captain Cupcake's arch nemesis! He flies using a rocket powered jet pack and drop terrifying radishes on unsuspecting cupcakes!

    Do not lose hope! You have one faithful sidekick to help you on your mission! The Cupcake Cadet is equipped with a reverse engineered version of the Broccoli Brigadier's jet pack, allowing him to drop medical supplies when you will need them most! Now, all I can say is this - Good luck!

    - Play as Captain Cupcake to save Cupcake Land!
    - Steer by tilting or by joystick!
    - Achievements and Leaderboards!
    - Save fellow cupcakes to advance in levels!
    - Live wallpaper included!

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