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    You are a pair of Blue Angel Fairies (that's the two blue squares) from planet Pingpow and have arrived on planet Zog to help rid the planet of the no fun Zoops (yellow squares), the Zoop master (red square) can suck your energy, bump it and it will create more Zoops (yellow squares) to round up, however.... help is at hand... the Zog's leader (green square) can help you with his Zog magic, when you bump into him you give him more energy to help, you never run out of energy, after all you are Blue Angel Fairies from Pingpow :)

    To play just tilt your phone to steer your Blue Fairies around!

    It won't just drive you crazy, it'll drive you Crazy Squared!

    Designed for tilt from the ground up this fast paced game is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

    Endless levels, just play until your brain can't take it any more...

    If you like to read a long set of instructions, this game is not for you! Just start and tip!

    Describing the game play would be to call it snooker meets pinball with added tilt crazy'ness, but just download it now and try it for yourself! Inspired by such greats as PacMan, Tetris, Vib Ribbon, Anything by Jeff Minter, Rez, Asteroids and the other classics.

    Tested on:
    Dell Streak
    Sony X10 mini pro
    HTC Desire
    Desire HD
    Samsung Galaxy S
    Nexus 5
    Nexus 10

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