Crazy Zombie Climber




    A zombie climbing game! You play the part of a zombie who's climbing a skyscraper to get at the surviving humans.

    Watch out for all the crazy stuff the humans throw at you - kettles, bottles, grand pianos(?!), fish.. the list goes on.

    It's the first day of the apocalypse, and the last day of life as we know it. You play the role of Bones, the not-so-tame zombie in his quest to scale the tallest building in the city to feast on the juicy survivors at the summit.

    However, humanity's throwing all it's got back at you in the form of all sorts of crazy objects such as grand pianos, flowerpots, kettles, and even giant goldfish. Also the building is burning and crumbling - don't fall, avoid the flames, and climb, zombie! climb!

    Better fun than runner games - a climber game!?

    Play the part of Bones the zombie and prove how far can you climb!

    Part of the inspiration for this game was the fabulous arcade game called Crazy Climber from the 1980's. It seemed only natural to mix in some zombies

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