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    IMPORTANT: This version will NOT play with previous versions!

    Also, devices must be paired first before can be connected to each others.

    This is a Bluetooth-enabled, multiplayer, dogfight type of game. The playground is the space within a huge ball.

    Bluetooth usability can vary significantly across the devices available on the market. I have tried on 4 phones playing at the same time before publishing.

    Depending on your device hardware, the Bluetooth connections may break and the motion lags significantly when players firing too many missiles and/or dropping too many bombs. Just tap the Bluetooth icon at the upper-right corner to join back the game.

    How to play:

    To accelerate forward, press and hold the right part of the device screen. Rotate the device clockwise to turn right and counterclockwise to turn left, much like driving a car. Flip the screen with the top edge outward to head down, and the top edge inward to head up.

    When other players are connected, the color of the Bluetooth icon at the upper-right corner will change from white outline to blue color, along with a low pitch DING. A dropped connection will sound a high pitch DING. And the color of the Bluetooth icon will turn to white outline if there is no connections.

    Other players will appear on the screen each as a colored fighter jet. A small purple circle will be attached to each jet of the other players when they are too far away to be seen.

    To fire missiles (represented by an orange/red fireball), press and hold the left part of the device screen. A round reticle will appear on the screen to help you aim at another jet. Then release to fire the missile.

    You can also drop bombs (represented by an silver/white ball) by tapping the left part of the device screen. The bombs are dropped behind you to protect yourself from been fired upon when you are tailed by other players. The bombs are timed to explode if not been hit by yourself, another player, or a missile.

    If you get hit by a missile or a bomb, you will start over again immediately, emerging from some other location in space.

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