Dark Force

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    Dark Force

    An ancient evil force has awaken and will bring chaos to our world. As a US Air Force Sergeant boarding a B-29 bomber, the crew is totally unaware of the incoming danger. As the sole survivor of the entire crew, you woke up to find yourself in an unfamiliar and dangerous location. Do you have the gut and skills to survive and save the humankind from the dark force?

    Based on ACE Team's The Dark Conjunction, the 3D FPS action game is packed with action, and combined with exploration, fight for survival to engage you in a fascinating story.

    1) After the airplane crashes, if you are close to the hole on your left, a stranger will see you through the hole. You will be too scared to move. After the stranger run away, you regain your strength and can move again. This is part of the game and not a bug.

    2) When you are in the game, press menu button to configure the controls. The default control is to use joystick to move (inner ring) and shoot (outer ring). Select traditional controls if you are more comfortable with using separate controls for moving and shooting.

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