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    《Dead City 2》

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    《Dead City 2》comes out to the market!

    New features:
    ※ Agile self-exploding zombies with higher moving speed.
    ※ The zombie leader, which is slow but strong with high HP, and will lead the zombie riot when angry mode triggered.
    ※ Gun-turret item added for your deffence. When triggered, a row of gun-turrets will be set up at your deffence line and no zombies can cross it within 10 secs.
    ※ Landmine item added for your deffence. Build up a row of landmines and will be detonated if the zombie gets close.
    ※ Nuclear bomb. Too many zombies? Let the nuclear bomb solve your problem!

    All new items, all new zombies, and will give you all new defense experience higher than ever.

    ※ Zombies will keep moving forward from the top.
    ※ Touch the both sides of your avatar to move left or right and will be firing automatically.
    ※ Touch the road area to nuke the zombies.
    ※ Zombies are in different levels.
    ※ Player can get items by killing particular zombies.
    ※ The game level gets higher with higher score that you get.
    ※ The zombies will attack once they reach the deffence line. You have 5 chances of protection by your deffence, and can recover it with the item.

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