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    Dino Defense is a free tower defense game where you build your defense with dinosaurs! Free updates will include new maps, new map types, and new features. Play now!

    In Dino Defense, you play as the dinosaurs, who are fighting to protect their valuable eggs from a multitude of different enemies. You will have six unique dinosaur types, which you must strategically place throughout the map in order to ensure that your enemies do not make it to the map exits and escape with your eggs. Defeating enemies will earn you coins which can be used to place more dinos or upgrade your existing ones to increase their power.

    As you complete maps, you will unlock and progress through various environments. Dino Defense includes over 30 maps, with more to be added in future updates! Each map has its own combination of enemies, taken from 5 different time periods. These enemies range from basic cavemen to trained marines and tanks to deadly aliens and robots. They will become increasingly hard to defeat as you make your way toward the final showdown.

    Don’t worry though, it’s not just the enemies that get stronger. Every victory and challenge you complete will earn you eggs which you can spend to unlock enhancements! These enhancements can increase the strength and speed of your dinos, or give you extra coins or lives to start a map with. You can even unlock rifles, lasers, and other advanced weaponry, armor, and abilities for your dinos to use in combat!

    Dinosaurs aren’t the only unique element that Dino Defense brings to the table. There are currently 3 different map types, each offering its own unique tower defense experience. In open maps, you have complete control. The placement of your dinos will alter the path of the enemies as they make their way from the map entrance toward the exit. In pathed maps, the enemies will follow a fixed path, and you will need to rely on clever placement and upgrading of your dinos.

    The current third map type is the escape map type. In these maps, the enemies will be able to exit the map at any edge, so you’ll need to perfect your defense in order to prevent them from escaping. In addition to these, a fourth map type, waypoint maps, are planned for a future update.

    - 6 different dinos, each with it’s own unique abilities, upgrades, strengths and weaknesses
    - Armor, weapons, and other enhancements to further strengthen your dinos
    - Over 30 maps
    - 3 different map types, each offering a completely unique tower defense style
    - 6 different map environments
    - Hardcore Mode
    - Endless Mode
    - 4 levels of difficulty
    - Over 90 unique achievements
    - Future downloadable content

    Coming Soon
    - New environments and maps of all types
    - New map type - Waypoint Map: Enemies travel through set checkpoints
    - Challenge Maps: Earn eggs by completing maps with skill-testing limitations
    - New downloadable content including pets

    Any in game purchase will permanently remove ads.

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