Dino Flight FREE




    The asteroid is about to hit the earth and the dinosaurs will go extinct... but you still need to try to survive for as long as possible in... Dino Flight!

    To play the game, simply hold down the screen to make your dinosaur fly upwards, and let go of the screen to make your dinosaur fly back down. One touch controls makes the game as simple to play as possible.

    The further you fly, the higher your score will go. But you must avoid crashing into the fireballs that are coming out of the sky! If you collide with a fireball, it is game over. But do not fear! There are wind gust powerups that will help your dinosaur to fly faster! If you have one of these wind gust powerups nothing can hurt you. But beware, the powerups only last for a limited time, so try to get as many as you can.

    Your high score will save automatically, so try to beat your own high score. Now choose which dinosaur you want to be and start flying in... Dino Flight!