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    Your portal to Virtual Reality: The Dive App

    Dive into the game and discover more

    Play videos from your smartphone or the web with our brand new in-game filebrowser!
    Supported features include head-track-following for automatically centered view, planar view and spherical projection. Video contents with single image, Side-By-Side and Over-Under format supported.

    Dive can be controlled with touch or magnet button. You can use the in-game filebrowser or an external content provider like the gallery, a file manager, the download folder app etc).Touch the screen or trigger the magnet in video player, to show settings menu.

    Version 2.5
    - added PDF support

    Version 2.4
    - Fixed left/right issue with sbs videos

    Version 2.3
    - Added immersive mode for devices with softbuttons
    - Fixed resolving of content:// uris
    - Improved video playback and controls
    - Tuned app start

    Version 2.2
    - Removed Depth of Field effect

    Version 2.1
    - Fixed 'black screen' issue

    Version 2.0
    - Fixed memory allocation error when loading many big textures at once

    Version 1.9
    - Changed design and added in-game filebrowser

    Version 1.8
    - Fixed video bug that occurred on tablets

    Version 1.7
    - Added support for tablets

    Version 1.6
    - Fixed Video Bug

    Version 1.4
    - New layout and features for more content

    Version 1.3
    - Improved usage for starting apps

    Version 1.2
    - Added accelerometer fallback support for devices with no gyro, performance will not be the same without gyro
    - Improved tracking convergence.
    - Fullscreen support on devices with navigation bars

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