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    Dizzy Sheep is a little... well... dizzy.

    It needs help, your help, to flee from the hungry pigs that have never seen a sheep before so they think it's something good to eat! Draw paths of flowers swyping with your finger and Dizzy Sheep will eat them following the right way out of trouble, if you're good enough.
    When Dizzy Sheep has eaten enough flowers step onto the balance to open the gate and go to the next stage. Remember to tap on the vegetables to pop them out and distract the pigs, leaving Dizzy Sheep free to pass without harm.
    Are you seriously asking why the sheep does change color eating flowers, why a balance does open a gate or why the green pig is happy? Just play and don't ask...

    In the complete version there are more levels, greater difficulties, a newer bonus, name input for great scores and lots of flowers for the sheep.

    It's the first videogame I've ever made so don't consider it flawless. I've created it using the fast and efficient LibGDX library/framework working as a one-man-developer coding, drawing graphics and putting music and sounds together.
    I tested the game on different devices (smartphones and tablets) and I found since now no serious incompatibility. I made it to work on any (!) resolution: you can use the same game on an old device with a QVGA screen or on the latest FullHD device. You only need a decent processor (a 800 Mhz one should do the job).

    Why are you there, still reading? Go help that dizzy sheep!

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