Dolphin Hurdles Game for Kids




    Dolphin Hurdles Game for Kids is a easy to operate kids game, just tap the screen, the Dolphin will jump. The way you tap the screen, determine your success in the game. If you tap very frequently, you might lose the game by hitting the dolphin into the hurdle blocks. Apart from this, this game increases the concentration of your kids and increases the memory power of your kids. Download and play it now for free.

    Addictive game for kids, as the dolphin jumps and kids want to score more levels. Best Kids game and easy to Play for kids.

    Just start playing the Dolphin game just with a TAP, dolphin starts to run through the lane, there will be blocks of hurdles which are anyway static on the way, just make sure the dolphin come over those hurdles without touching them, Intelligent tapping with correct intervals on the screen makes the dolphin jump correctly and help you to navigate the hurdles. This is a very interesting simple "Dolphin Game for Kids" they have to just tap the screen and then dolphin and screen starts moving.

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