Dolphin's review

    Published: 2012-02-15, by Ana Gracia.

    Control the dolphin while he grabs hearts, stars and avoids the evil creatures

    • Great idea
    • Many features, really fun
    • Dolphin moves too fast
    • Hard to control

    "Swim, Doplhin, swim!"

    Dolphin is the new game created by the popular developers Magma Mobile. This time, they feature a cute dolphin who swims non-stop.

    At first, the Dolphin should collect all the stars, try to grab all the hearts and avoid the evil sea creatures that will only hurt him. As the game advances, new items will keep appearing, some of them will help and some of them will hinder the journey.

    The controls, while smooth, are not really good this time. You need to place your finger on the bottom right part fo the screen and move it up and down, depending on the direction you want him to take to avoid the creatures. It's simply too hard to control, the dolphin moves really fast and if you don't tap on the screen, the dolphin simply falls down. Maybe it would be better if it swam in a straight line by default.

    We love Magma Mobile applications but this time, although we think the game is great and addictive, we believe the controls could be much better. What about adding a new type? Look forward to the next updates.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 15, 2012


    Discover the highly anticipated game from Magma Mobile: Dolphin !

    With this Eco Friendly game, control with your finger your own dolphin. Your oceanic environment will be filled with Octopuses that you will have to avoid to survive. As you challenge yourself to become an even stronger dolphin, your goal will be to collect as many stars as possible and to go as far as possible.

    Easy game to learn. Difficult to master !

    We also included a child version as we want the entire family to play this ecco friendly game. There is also a time attack mode with the focus on reaching the highest distance possible.

    To become a Dolphin master you will have to collect all the games' achievements. Will you be up to the challenge ?

    Dolphin includes HD Graphics and is already available on Google TV !

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