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    This is the demo version of Down the Dungeon featuring the first 2 levels of the game.
    Down the Dungeon (DownTheDungeon) is a roguelike retro dungeon crawler inspired by old games like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master with movement in 4 directions and "fake 3d". Another source of inspiration has been roguelikes and the game features a hardcore "party permadeath" mode but also a softcore non permadeath mode for those who prefer that..
    (Please note: This is a heavy graphical game so it might run slow on low end devices.)

    You play a party of adventurers that gets selected by the King to go on a quest to retrieve an evil magical artifact that is a threat to the land. The King has already sent many famous heroes down the dungeon but all failed. Now he desperately follows the advice of the royal astrologer who picked you for the quest, even though you all are inexperienced. Have you what it takes to complete the quest and save the land?

    This game is extremely hard and very action oriented. It's often better to avoid certain monsters than to face them, at least in the beginning. For the really brave there is also an option to play with less that 3 characters.

    Here is some more info about the full game:

    The party can have 1-3 characters (a warrior, a rogue, a wizard). They get a chance to level up when reaching a new dungeon level or by killing special monsters.

    11 huge levels and all are created randomly so no game is the same (2 levels are playable in the demo).

    10+ types of monsters and 20+ different abilities (most monsters have 3 abilities).

    20+ types of items,

    9 spells

    Rune memorizing system for wizards, but spells can also be cast from scrolls and wands.

    A hardcore mode with "party permadeath" but as long a at least one character is alive the others can be resurrected. There is also a softcore mode for those who prefer an easier game.

    A "diablo style" tap-based inventory with 9 slots to put items on a character and a backpack with 15 slots.

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