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    Published: 2013-04-19, by Peter Warrior.

    A defense game about monsters and dragons

    • Easy to play
    • Low demanding
    • Few if any original features
    • It becomes repetitive too quickly

    "Go back to the shadow!"

    Following the trail of many other active-defense games, here's Dragon Monster Defense, coming with all what it would be expected. You have to defend your castle from incoming attacks by tapping on the direction they're coming. Some enemies are fast while others are tougher and require more taps. Between stages you can upgrade your weapon to increase its firing rate or the amount of damage it deals.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing about this game is the cast of monsters, though it isn't anything worthy to write home about. Graphics and animations are too plain and simple, gameplay can get boring very fast. Indeed, it's a simple game suited for casual players, but it does neither bring anything new to the genre nor is especially remarkable in any of its facets. Overall, it's just a good defense game as good as nearly any other.

    Anyway, it's free, so give it a go if you haven't ever played a game of this kind or if you are bored of your usual defense game. You can also enjoy Dragon Monster Tower Defense 2.

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    Apr 19, 2013


    Dragon monster defense is a popular and free tower defense games.
    The demoniac dragon and powerful monsters are attacking your castle!
    Upgrade your guns and special skills and shoot to defend from the monsters!

    The Monsters used to be very friendly. They spent their life peacefully.
    But one day, the evil dragon came up and charmed the monsters.
    The Monsters began to destroy all the villages and finally came to you.

    ・Hand Gun : Basic guns. This is your default weapon.
    ・Holy Cross-bow : Attack with holy arrows.
    ・Machinegun : Good for rapid fire.
    ・Sniper Rifle : Make powerful pin-point shots from long range.
    ・Grenade Launcher : High destruction power.
    ・Bazooka : Use this to blow away powerful enemies.
    ・Rocket Launcher : Powerful weapon with high abilities.
    ・Railgun : The ultimate weapon.

    #SPECIAL Skills
    ・Thunderbolt : Attack by striking lightning on to the monsters.
    ・ShortMine : Explodes the mines near the fortress.
    ・LaserBeam : Shoots beams of laser and demolishes anything within its range.
    ・Bombing : Drops bombs to blow up the monsters far away.

    Vampire, Mummy, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Skeleton Pirate, Dark Golem, Legend Dragon, Blue Dragon, Master Bahamut and more..

    You can upgrade your WEAPONS and SPECIAL Skills by using GEMs and be an expert soldier.
    Get GEMs by destroying the monsters or buy it online.

    〜Guide Character〜
    He is an expert defender.
    Everytime you finish the stage, he will give you an advice on how to win effectively.

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