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    In Dragon Swoopers, players take on the role of a dragon and can play between two different modes: Campaign or Survival.

    In Campaign Mode, search for your dragon eggs and bring those eggs back to the nest! Bring back enough eggs to summon the magic gate and advance to the next level! But, it's not going to be easy! You will need to dodge evil enemies, flap your way around spiked hazards, use your dragon breath to open secret areas, and keep a close eye on the clock before time's up! Score gold coins to earn points. Capture sheep and cows or incinerate them outright for even more points! Capture gems in order to level up your dragon!

    In Survival Mode, your goal is to simply stay alive against an onslaught of incoming enemies for as long as possible! Power up control points for extra points while avoiding enemies that are trying to take you down!

    There are ten different base upgrade types to choose from. Do you concentrate on increasing your aerial skills or do you augment your dragon breath? You decide!

    There are three different dragon sizes to choose from and customize. Do you create a small, nimble golden wyvern? What about a slightly larger red drake that has great all around abilities? Or maybe you want a lumbering green elder dragon with its high stamina and heavy fire power? It's up to you!

    There are currently 40 Campaign Mode levels across a variety of different environments to explore: hidden valleys, dank caverns, dark forests, icy mountains, and dangerous volcanoes. Survival Mode contains 4 different levels to explore.

    * Survival and Campaign Modes
    * 15 achievements
    * Worldwide leaderboards
    * 3 customizable dragon types
    * 10 different upgrades
    * 40 Campaign Mode levels across a variety of different environments

    * Tilt controls
    * MOGA Controller Support
    * NVIDIA Shield compatible

    Dragon Swoopers is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at

    Includes Heyzap for leaderboards and achievement tracking.

    Includes TestFlight for crash reporting.

    Permissions Explained:
    - INTERNET: Online leaderboards, achievements, and ad support
    - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Allows online leaderboard and achievement software to detect when a user is online or when the user's connection has been lost

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