Dragon's Dogma Wisdom




    Enhance your experience of the new, open-world action RPG "Dragon's Dogma" with this free app! With this compendium, you'll gain priceless knowledge of the Dragon's Dogma world. From character bios to information on rare items, this guide is brimming with wisdom for your adventures!

    In addition, you'll receive daily in-app items, which you can gift to the citizens of Gransys. Befriend enough of them, and you'll unlock one-of-a-kind wallpapers only available here for your smartphone!

    Citizen Registry
    A comprehensive directory of almost 300 citizens of Gransys! You can search by gender, age, location, and even their likes. You may find people that are rarely seen around the realm, and even learn a few secrets about the citizens you already know!

    Field Guide
    A catalogue of items and materials scattered throughout the land of Gransys! Just like the Citizen Registry, you can narrow your search by location and effect. Find out what plants and meats are safe to eat and what region to find them in all at a glance. There are many rare items waiting to be discovered as well!

    Get wallpapers for your smartphone by increasing affinity with citizens!
    Every day you'll receive one item which you can give as a gift to up to three citizens. The more gifts you give, the higher affinity you'll build with the citizens you give them to. Earning the affection of many will unlock rare wallpapers!

    If you give them an item they really like, you'll greatly increase your affinity with that citizen! Use the Citizen Registry to learn about their likes so you can give them what they're most partial to!

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