Dungeon Defense

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    Dungeon Defense is a tower defense game with a grimdark fantasy setting, addictive gameplay and excellent graphics. Humans are hiding in their destroyed cities as forces of darkness seek to destroy them. In this game you will find lots of upgradeable weapons, maps and monsters! Develop your own strategy to win!

    Dungeon Defense is a tower defense for those who loves tower defense games like robo defense,jelly defense. Dungeon Defenses has many innovative features compared to usual tower defense. You will be able to build uniquely different sentry towers in this tower defense game. Each tower has its own special features like explosive projectiles or to freeze powerful enemies so that other towers may destroy them. There are lots of monsters in the game and some of them have special abilities like flying. Another innovative feature is the use of magic spells. They can be used to summon lightning or create damaging smoke.

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