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    Published: 2013-10-14, by Peter Warrior.

    A 16bit JRPG

    • Nice 16bit gamaplay and look
    • Severe issues in many areas

    "It's dangerous to go outside. Take this."

    Much like oldie SNES, Zelda like JRPGs, this Dungeon & Hero (wasn't there a better name, for Link's sake?) is set on top-down 16bit graphics in a overly standarized fantasy setting you have to roam to find enemies, shops and characters to interact with. In your way, you'll have to level to improve your skill and gear and get magical treasure that will be helpful to defeat bosses.

    It didn't look like a bad idea, and it wouldn't be a bad game if not for its continuous freezes, its buggy UI and some forcecloses now and then, and that's a pity because one of the advantages of playing retro games should be its flawless and smooth performance, given that they're made in the image and likeness of technology outdated nearly two decades years ago.

    Anyway, here it is to be freely downloaded. If you like retro gaming it's worth a go, but don't come back crying later.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 14, 2013


    Dungeon&Hero is a classic style RPG with loads of cool action. Choose from one of three characters and work your way to becoming the ultimate hero by saving the Empire from impending devastation.

    The characters include the dashing Knight with his sword and shield, the cunning and agile Elf with her bow and arrows or wise Wizardress with her magic spells - fight against the lurking dangers threatening the peace of the Empire.

    We invite you to the world of Dungeon & Hero. Find the hero inside you and save Mitheland Empire from impending death and destruction!

    Features Include:
    - 3 roles to choose from (Knight, Wizard, Elf)
    - Ambient sound effects
    - Level up of equipments
    - Special effects including scrolls and jewels
    - Variety of combo attacks and skills
    - Teleport feature using The Warp gate
    - Real time visual effects
    - Unique monster with red aura
    - Endless battle (introduced in hell mode)

    Dungeon&Hero is developed and published by CH Games.

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