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    Travel deep into the mountain to seek your revenge and slay the evil Goblin King.

    Dweller is a fantasy roguelike/rpg made specifically for handheld devices. Explore randomly created dungeons, labyrinths, crypts, sewers and other dark places. Play three different character classes, each with it's own play style. Fight many kinds of monsters. Discover ancient artifacts.

    If you enjoy the game and would like to support development please use the Donation link in the main menu or via the home page

    Dweller requires the INTERNET ACCESS permission (since 1.16.0). This is needed to be able to send Save Games for inspection in case of a bug (using the menu option "Send Save game")

    If you upgrade from one minor version to another, i.e. from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0 your save game will be lost! An increased minor version denotes a change in the save game format. Changes in micro version (1.6.0 to 1.6.1) does not delete your save game.

    If you come across a bug please report it to If possible, use the in-game menu option to "Send save game" to make bug hunting easier.

    2014-05-13 v.1.24.29
    NEW UI!
    #450 Fix tablet performance
    #685 Changed priority of heavy weapons and thieves tools
    #577 Make mana clearly visible in the character portrait along with HP feature
    #686 Increase quickslot height
    #688 Fix broken recall scroll
    #687 Don't create items on portals and holes
    #695 Adjust graphics scale to on low res devices
    #693 Improve display of amount of available gold when buying items
    #692 Don't show gain level screen if game has ended
    #690 Fixed issue with missing item suffix

    2013-05-05 v.1.24.18
    #680 Fix issue with not being able to pass a turn
    #679 Change the starting zone to a fixed map
    #678 Monsters should not teleport if they enter a portal

    2013-05-03 v.1.24.17
    #677 Scroll of Recall should transport to the deepest level visited, not the most recent
    #676 Adjust price for items that grant immunities
    #675 Increase number of keys sold by the merchant
    #674 Improve kill tracker to show monster graphics
    #673 Improve character dump
    #619 Dragon Scale Shield should give fire immunity
    #672 Make the NPCs in the forest immobile so that they aren't affected by knockback effects

    2013-04-19 v.1.24.16
    #670 Fix Halberd attack
    #669 Fix crossbow issue again
    #668 Make sure to pause the music when application is put in the background
    #667 Fix spell backfire chance of some items

    2013-04-18 v.1.24.15
    #660 Add sound effects
    #666 Adjust spell damage
    #665 Fix Bracers of Samson so they don't prevent Orcs from attacking at all
    #664 Fix menu scrolling issues
    #663 Fix issue with no healing gained when moving to a new level
    #662 Fix problem with destroyable terrain
    #661 Do not generate chests in open doors

    2013-04-10 v.1.24.14
    #659 Fix incorrect push message
    #658 Don't auto-center the map when panning around using touch controls
    #657 Don't reload Android app when device is rotated

    2013-04-09 v.1.24.12
    #654 Fix story, win and death pictures that are too large on some devices
    #653 Fix occasional crash bug

    2013-04-06 v.1.24.11
    #652 Fix scrambled intro texts
    #651 Don't show music toggle setting in J2ME version
    #650 Make sure that music doesn't start again if it's turned off when switching level
    #649 Make sure Android version is installable to SD-card

    2013-04-05 v.1.24.10
    #648 Add option to turn off music
    #647 Loop music
    #646 Fix font problem when rotating screen

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