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    EGGGZ is amazing eggs-catching game. Tap chickens to help the guy to catch eggs. You have several lives. Each broken egg takes one life. You lose if you spend the last life.

    The game has:
    - 50 missions
    - special missions
    - unlimited Championship mode with online Leaderboard

    ***Campaign Mode***

    Pass missions of the Campaign and earn golden eggs. Tap a mission, read the description and play! Missions differ by aim and initial conditions.
    In the beginning of the Campaign you have a simple farm. It's small and has basic rates. Spend your golden eggs in the Shop to upgrade the Farm. Improvements are important to achieve better results in the Campaign and World Championship.

    A free trial version is also available, search Google Play for "EGGGZ lite"


    While you play you will earn different trophies. Tap "PLAY" button in the main menu and you will see them (earned and available). Tap any trophy to get the info. Each trophy increases one of farm rates. If you have all the trophies you have more chances to become a worldwide leader!

    ***Special Missions***

    Two missions at the top of the map are available only if you have "Great Farmer" trophy. You can pass them several times. Each time they become harder, but you can get extra gold eggs to improve one of farm rates.


    Spring: prevent 1 egg from breaking.
    Heart: Adds 1 life (if you have less than 5 lifes).
    Anvil: Stuns a chicken for some time.
    Magnet: Basket attracts eggs for some time.
    Hourglass: Slows down game speed for some time.


    The racoon appears from time to time to stole a golden egg. You can buy the dog and the hedge to prevent this.
    The dog barks at the racoon... if isn't sleeping. The dog increases probability to stop the coon by 30%.
    When the rooster sings some chickens become in love and stop to lay eggs.
    Flowerbed makes chikens feel good and they lay golden eggs more often. Big flowerbed makes laying hens even more happy.
    Hedge sometimes helps to stop racoon. The better hedge you have the less eggs will be stolen.

    ***Online World Championship***

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