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    Published: 2014-04-03, by Janel.

    Level up yourself along with your big bad boss, and do battle til you're blue in the face

    • Unique game mechanic
    • Fun, smooth graphics
    • Send your Boss out to do battle with other players
    • Controls clumsy

    "Bosses! Forever!"

    Everyone knows the best part of fighting and adventure games is the boss battles. Kongregate's Endless Boss Fight condenses and explodes this experience, pitting you head-to-head against a Boss Robot, forever and ever and ever.

    As you throw punches and launch his own missiles back at him, the Boss will evolve in strength, dexterity, and cunning. An edit menu lets you custom design your big bad Boss-bot, then send him out against other players to reap all kinds of rewards. Power up your own character to take down the Bosses of others, and you'll find yourself climbing the PvP ladders faster than you can say jack-robinson.

    The graphics are fun, smooth and cartoony. The idea of leveling up your "enemy" along with yourself is an unique mechanic as well. The controls are unfortunately clumsy; the floating on-screen buttons make precision pretty much out of the question, which for me gets frustrating quickly.

    Still, Kongregate's Endless Boss Fight is totally free to play, and worth it if you're into doing battle with giant robots.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Apr 03, 2014


    An endless fight has started! Go head-to-head with the all-powerful Boss Robot and battle for the highest score!

    Experience intense beat em' up action in this FREE FAST PACED ARCADE GAME! Smashing, boxing, wrestling, customize weapons and attacks to get your way to the top.

    Endless Boss Fight is a fast-paced arcade fighter where you battle against an ever-evolving Boss Robot that only gets more cunning and difficult. You can design your very own Boss and have it wreck havoc against other players as you climb the global ranks and leagues!

    Join the fight now!


    -Engrossing arcade beat em' up action
    -Build your own boss and fight against other
    -Single and multi-player you control a small robot fighting a huge boss
    -Power up your character to take on even more powerful versions of the Boss
    -Complete dozens of missions meant to test your skills in battle
    -Robust upgrade system that lets you customize your character
    -Climb the PvP ladders for both your active fighter and your own Boss

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