Epic Gravity: Episode 1




    Pilot your space ship and save the population of earth from killer asteroids. Learn to orbit the earth and take out threatening asteroids orbiting around the earth. This is a realistic gravity physics 2D top-down space simulator in the spirit of the Asteroids and Space War arcade games.

    Inertia is not a problem so super-luminal speeds are possible in this game (speed is measured in multiples of C - speed of light). Includes 10 missions where you shoot down asteroids, and fly around the Earth-Moon area saving the human race from extinction. Scores are calculated for each mission and high scores are saved so you can show your friends your hot piloting skills.

    Use the Joystick at the left to steer your ship (touch to set center)
    Use the Thrust button to fire rockets
    Use the Laser button to fire lasers

    Gamepad support included for left analog joystick (direction), A (fire weapon), B (thrust), and X (nav)

    See Epic Gravity: Episode 2 for the complete inner solar system including the asteroid belts and more original music to accompany the missions.

    Tags: 2d rocket orbit game , old space game 2d , orbit simulator game

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