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    Published: 2014-04-24, by Peter Warrior.

    A modern reinterpretation of the classic of classics.

    • Free, no ads.
    • Instant fun.
    • Control can be treacherous.

    "Neo Pac Man"

    It seems that Hexage Ltd has two courses of action from which to choose. Whether they create new and original games as Everland or Robotek, or they remaster not old classics, but the oldest. They dared with Space Invaders (renamed Radiant) and now it's time for a shiny, new and improved, PacMan. Hexage's EVAC pays dued homage to the original at the same time that incorporates some new features (doors, ghost spawning tiles...) The main one is that there's a plot that guides you through the stages. This doesn't mean that the original Pacman hadn't a plot, but certainly it didn't interfere in the middle of a stage being played. Play EVAC and see it for yourself if you want to know what I mean.

    Beyond this, there isn't any secret at all. Run, eat dots, avoid the evil pixels and survive to tell your story. Every stage can be beaten in a wide range of very different approaches, so you can be quite creative. Soundtrack isn't as wonderful as other titles from this same developer, but it's worth. Controls can be improved though, because it's difficult to make precise moves when needed. That's all. Don't forget to upload your scores and have fun. EVAC may not be the best Hexage's game, but it's really worth a while.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 24, 2014


    Run for your life through colorful neon mazes, chased by countless and ever-vigilant security forces.

    Be creative - play stealthily to avoid encounters, prepare traps for your enemies or just rush as fast as you can right in front of their eyes. Figure out how to beat the system and destroy your captors in 32 action-packed levels. Steal from your dark adversary and leave his world in ruins!

    The only way out is the way through! Break out and take revenge!

    Unique mix of genres with arcade, action, stealth and puzzle gameplay elements.
    32 meticulously designed levels, each with a different twist.
    Creative gameplay - think of your own ways how to beat the game.
    Online leaderboards - Your highscore can only grow bigger every time you play.
    Signature soundtrack by Kubatko
    Support for HID game controllers


    "EVAC is a brilliant update of the Pac-Man formula, with a more laid-back pace and considered style."
    - PocketGamer - Silver Award

    "EVAC is nothing short of a mobile masterpiece, but then we’ve come to expect this from Hexage. We await the company’s next release with heady expectation, but in the meantime EVAC will keep us glued to our phones for quite a while."

    "Rarely do games accommodate so many different styles of gameplay while maintaining a perfect balance, but EVAC pulls it off. The game’s 24 challenging levels and excellent replay value offer great value for your buck. Fans of Pac-Man or arcade games in general, consider EVAC a no-brainer. Buy it."

    "The fantasy employed by Hexage in the developing of this game has given an added value to an 'old' gameplay, allowing Evac to rise above the others and ensuring the player to have a lot of fun with that little pink creature."
    - 86/100

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