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    Exorcist-3D Fantasy Shooter

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    Published: 2012-01-16, by Peter Warrior.

    A Gothic fantasy shooter.

    • Music
    • Too Gothic Interface
    • Too dark graphics

    "I'll banish you from this land I stand"

    If you feel like you were able to stand against an horde of vicious and bloodthirsty monsters with the only help of a hand crossbow and your cautious feet, don't look any further, here's your game. Nonetheless, Exorcist will carry you to a gloomy village besieged by all types of evil creatures from fanged pumpkin to non so lesser evils.

    By the way, you can purchase arms, armors, potions, auras and scrolls to make you life easier, or at least longer. There are two usable currencies, gold coins and blue crystals. As it starts to be a common use, blue crystals are the premium currency and allow buying premium items or cheapen free items. A regular upgrade of all your items is strongly recommended.

    One of Exorcist main strengths is its replayability, as you can repeat any level in order to achieve perfection and earn precious blue crystals. In addition, Exorcist is one of those games that may seem pretty inviting when you look at the female protagonist and the screenshots, so there's no much need to recommend it or not. Graphics may be quite confusing and Gothic typography is rather poor to be read unless you play on a tablet.

    This version, the only available so far, includes the first 25 levels, though Funny Face (developer) promises to increase it up to five times in subsequent updates. A special mention is deserved to the game's music, played by a extinct French heavy metal band called Antarhes: here and there's some of their work.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 16, 2012


    Massive update!
    -new map with 30 new waves and other stuff.

    Exorcist is a 3D dark fantasy-themed shooter game featuring fast gameplay and stylish 3D graphics (the gameplay is similar to Gun Bros and Eternity Warriors). Fight against hordes of monsters using the aid of magic and ranged weapons to cleanse the world from evil creatures and corruption. If during the battle you would run out of bullets, the game will automatically let you buy more without leaving the current session (like in Dead on Arrival ). The journey begins in the damned city and continues through 5 locations in order to reach the final goal - to face and defeat the main boss.

    The player has four equipment slots: one for ranged weapons, one for items and two for magic. All magic, bullets and items are consumable. Enemies approach in waves (each subsequent wave is stronger than previous) and drop money upon their death which can be used to buy updrades and items. While proceeding through the locations the player is leveling up and granted for more powerful abilities.

    - Fast and challenging gameplay;
    - Size optimized for 3G download;
    - Two types of controls: point-and-click or stick;
    - Nice HD 3D graphics and rock music for soundtrack;
    - Special attacks and consumables (magic and potions);
    - Variety of equipment (armor and ranged weapons);
    - Leveling up system and upgrades for equipment and abilities;
    - Tablet support;
    - 60 waves of enemies on 2 locations (the rest of the content will be gradually added with updates);
    - Open feint support

    Work best on the Samsung Galaxy S 2

    Music by the French band Antarhes
    You can freely download the albums from

    FYI band does not exist anymore.

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