Control the exoskeleton battle the waves of mutated bio hazardous enemies. Run around, blast away incoming attacks, upgrade & unlock features.
    Play 20+ action packed stages & try to defend the territory till you fall.
    Created using Starling framework & Adobe AIR

    Android game with simple touch control. Challenging game play in which player has to play the role of Exoskeleton who is experimenting in fighting with enemies by shooting them.

    Full Description:

    Institute of Advanced Mechanics is experimenting a project named ‘Exoskeleton’ which is a robot armour which can help paralytic people. Experiment runs with Max, a chronic paralytic person and it is an instant success as the Artificial intelligence and Max’s brain finds instead bonding. Later on Max is being commissioned as a Robot soldier to fight crime.

    Max sits inside the robot Armour and his brain controls movement, although his body is naturally paralyzed. His advanced senses makes him a super soldier and the Armour protects most damage.

    Mission is to test against small enemies, they can be biological or robotic.

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