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    Published: 2014-02-07, by .

    Make terrific stunts and tricks in this motorbike endless runner

    • Cartoony graphics
    • Single and asynchronous multiplayer modes
    • Upgrading system
    • Background music
    • Storyline and level system in the single mode would enhance game's playability

    "Loops and tricks"

    Racing against the clock is funny but riding for stunts and air tricks is even better. If you are fonder of the latter, you've landed at the right spot.

    RoofDog Games' Extreme Bike Trip is a motorbike endless runner which features two different game modes: Solo Bike Trip and Multiplayer. In both cases, gameplay is exactly the same. You must get as far as you can before crashing while performing stunts and collecting stars that will you score higher.

    The higher you score, the more upgrades will be unlocked. Try to select the most suitable bike for you among the 28 models available, upgrade it and add power-ups. Anything needed to grasp a few more meters and beat your online opponents and your own records.

    Extreme Bike Trip is set in well-crafted cartoony graphics. There's a touch of humor expressed by the artwork. Background music is catchy and gets you in the game's mood. Controls are intuitive and responsive.

    Although, a storyline and level system in the single mode would enhance game's playability, the game's is well-balanced and wonderfully designed.


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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Feb 07, 2014


    Introducing Extreme Bike Trip with multiplayer races! The much awaited new entry in the Extreme Road Trip series!

    It’s time to take your bike off the road, customize your rider and race against your friends in the new Multiplayer Race mode!

    Choose your favourite bike from a collection of scooters, dirt bikes, cruisers and speed bikes! Customize your ride with paint jobs and use all-new power-ups to achieve the best scores!

    Featuring signature music by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson (of "Extreme Road Trip 2" fame).

    == Features ==

    * Extremely addictive gameplay!
    * Introducing all-new Multiplayer Races!
    * Huge gratifying explosions and crashes!
    * 28 bikes to ride, from scooter to speed bike!
    * Customize your rider and show off to your friends!
    * All-new power-ups like the ejectable seat and energy drink!
    * Catchy music that will stay with you all day
    * Drive in dangerous and unexplored locations!
    * Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards
    * Free!

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