Fang Fang II




    Fang Fang, I simply got the highest score at the touch of a balloon if
    Fang Fang II evolved a little bow to pop the balloons to get the high score to win the game.

    Plain arrows, a bow mounted on the spacecraft Love Arrows, Archers, and the balloon when you touch a surface-to-air missile was launched balloons burst slowly.

    Occasionally items tteoleojineunde Fang Fang, eat them from running away as soon as the seats
    Fang Fang detonate itdapnida.

    Cumulative, but the arrows automatically over time to fit nanwido arrows being fired several feet, use a high score you can get.

    And value-added services to more fun with other users online loom to insert mode broadens In addition, at the end of the loom mode jjamjjamhi dialog to be able to chat until it is.

    Who to talk with other users, and multiplier nophyeo ranking service boasts a registered Shall ....

    ps ..
    ^ ^ Fingers it hurt a little bit too long, you
    And young children under 5 years of age for a little nanwido Please be careful.

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