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    Published: 2013-03-19, by Peter Warrior.

    A fantasy themed game

    • Über epic "Do Again" button.
    • Constant mini-loadings
    • No given purpose or goal

    "Look her at her eyes"

    It might be that the elf maiden who illustrates the first screenshot had already caught your attention and you are downloading this game while you read this review. Therefore, as I can't compete against her couple of reasons, I won't try to persuade you to do otherwise, but if she hasn't bowled your Android brain over yet, maybe you'd better prefer to read this review first and perhaps download the game later.

    Fantasy War isn't a new RPG game. It isn't a strategy, management or even a trading card game either. It's what we could call a UI survival game, in which you have to move from one screen to another, each single one with its own loading time, to tap on the only button allowed (usually with a text sorta "yes", "OK" or "next"). If you expected, who knows, a storyline, or cutscenes, or even some text beyond the starting -and poor- tutorial, go for it elsewhere. Quests are a commercial exchange of energy points for gold, lumber and experience points

    Best part is dungeon mode, but you need to reach level three and master all chapter one quests to unlock it, so it can be that you never get to see it, because that's much more than what Fantasy War may ask you for. There's also an easy online battle system: tap on battle and let Math do the work. No glory, no honor.

    And regarding your elven crush...well, you won't ever meet her again, she doesn't even know your name or remember your face. She won't ever call you because she doesn't appear in any in-game artwork. On the other hand, music is nice, but it's a too epic fanfare for a not so epic game. Download at your own risk: it can't harm, but no one will bring that time back.

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