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    Published: 2013-10-31, by Manu Galvez.

    Fell: Escape Cyrocon is a puzzle maze that puts your sense of direction to the test

    • Different game modes
    • Addictive gameplay
    • Scenery
    • Needs power-up (slow down or teleport, for example)
    • A quick view of the map (or radar) would be good

    "Emergency! Leave the sector"

    You are Benet, a solider set on a mission to retrieve stolen critical data from the legions of the Cyrocon. In order to fulfill that quest, you must escape the tech crypts which are platform mazes floating in the space. The bad news? The path disappears as you pass over it. And there's dead end.

    Only one path will drive you from the red platform to the yellow one, that will teleport you out of that sector to the next level. You'll need a mix of good sense of direction, luck and of course, good reflexes to take the right-left decision at a time.

    What makes the game so addictive is that once you tap the screen, Benet start running and you can stop him. You can just make him turn left, right or jump over platforms by double tapping.

    There are different three different single game modes (dash, run and marathon) and online geo-scoreboards which make the game even more challenging. Top-down view, acceptable graphics and responsive controls. A have-a-blast cocktail.

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    Oct 31, 2013



    Beat your own high scores and compete with other player scores in your geography to become the reigning champion of the city you are currently in! As a reigning champion, your feats will be known to all players in cities you choose to dominate!


    Guide Benet to escape the Cyrocon's randomly generated sectors. Survive the exhilarating dangers that await as you jump from one platform group to the next, dodge and jump over sentry fire, consider platform deconstruction, and utilize various items to maximize your score.


    Long ago, some of humanity was warped to another planet called Fell by The Overseers. Present day, Benet of the Corcall Kingdoms recently fell prisoner to the cybernetic race, The Cyrocon during a critical mission. He risks his life to escape but not before a chance to save his people.

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