Fighter Pilot: TPW Full Free




    Unleash total destruction with an American dive bomber!
    In Fighter Pilot: The Pacific War, you will take command of your SBD Dauntless dive bomber to support your troops, on land, in the air or at sea.
    After a devastating blow to the US Navy at Pearl Harbour in World War II, you will take part in the American struggle to defeat the Empire of Japan by fighting in the most important battles of the Pacific War.
    To secure the victory of your courageous ground forces, they rely on your initiative and precise bombing attacks to give them the firepower to overcome the enemy. However, anti-aircraft fire and enemy fighters will try stop you at all cost. At the end of the day, only the most skilled and dedicated fighter pilots will be left in the sky.
    To prove once and for all that you are best fighter pilot ace in the world you can also upload your battle scores to the international hosted leaderboards. With thousands of active players it will become one intense competition to see who is the best!
    All this is and more is waiting for you. Strap in and get ready for the flight of your life!

    === Key Features of the game ===
    - Choose from various weapons such as heavy, light or cluster bombs, rockets and torpedoes.
    - Enjoy a variety of operations, including fleet to fleet combat, landing and defence battles or sole aircraft dogfights for intense fun.
    - Witness powerful battles with over 300 objects fighting at the same time!
    - Enjoy an extensive soundtrack while composing a symphony of destruction, with the extra functionality to add your own music to the game soundtrack.
    - Compete globally with thousands of other players for the best highscore in each mission
    - 4 levels of difficulty to make it interesting to the novice and the toughened veterans

    === What you get in the Unlocked Version ===
    * Access to all the 16 missions of the game, plus historical information on the Pacific War.
    * The complete soundtrack, a total of 6 different songs, with each being longer than 3 minutes!
    * Higher quality graphics
    * At least 8+ hours of intense Action

    === Campaign and Mission breakdown ===
    1942 - Solomon Islands Campaign
    • Battle of The Coral Sea (Naval Battle)
    • Battle of Guadalcanal: Pre-Bombardment (Bombing Battle)
    • Battle of Guadalcanal: Taking Lunga Point (Amphibious Landing Battle)
    • Battle of Guadalcanal: Defending Henderson Field (Defenses Battle)
    1943 - Gilbert Islands Campaign
    • Battle of Bismarck Sea (Naval Battle)
    • Operation Vengeance - The hunt for Isoroku Yamamoto (Massive Air Battle)
    • Battle of Tarawa (Amphibious Landing Battle)
    • Operation Hailstone - The airstrike on Truk Island (Bombing Battle)
    1944 - Mariana Islands Campaign
    • Battle of Saipan (Amphibious Landing Battle)
    • Battle of the Philippine Sea: The Raid (Massive Air Battle)
    • Battle of the Philippine Sea: The Counterattack (Naval Battle)
    • Return to Guam (Amphibious Landing Battle)
    1945 - Volcano and Ryukyu Island Campaign
    • Battle of Iwo Jima: Capturing Mount Suribachi (Amphibious Landing Battle)
    • Battle of Iwo Jima: Taking the Motoyama Plateau (Land Battle)
    • Operation Iceberg - The assault on Okinawa (Amphibious Landing Battle)
    • Typhoon of Steel: The Final Battle (Defenses Battle)

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