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    Published: 2011-07-28, by .

    Play finger bowling on your smartphone

    • Fun and entertaining
    • No full-screen
    • Not good physics

    "Bowling with your finger"

    Finger Bowling is an Android game for bowling with your finger directly in your smartphone.

    The ball is placed randomly on the lane and you need to drag and flip it to the preferred direction. The angle and speed determine the motion of the ball.

    In short, we could say that this is like every other bowling game (except you can't move the ball horizontally) only easier and slightly worse. The physics are not quite worked and the movements are kind of random so it's not too realistic, actually. In Samsung Galaxy Tab the game wasn't full-screen

    Bluesky Studio are the developers of Finger Bowling, which is really entertaining but has some problems, as we mentioned before. It's not the best bowling app out there but it's fun and entertaining for having a good time.

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    Jul 28, 2011


    Play bowling with your finger. Throw the ball with flick. When a frame starts, the ball is automatically placed in a random position. To throw, merely flick the ball in the direction of the pins. The angle and speed of your gesture will determine the path of the ball. You get two attempts per frame. Try to get the highest score possible in ten frames!
    The score of Challenge mode is the sum of three parts: Normal, Tilted and Twisted. In Tilted and Twisted mode, you will need to compensate for the horizontal deviation of the lane, displayed on the screen. Good luck!
    You may also practice any of the three modes individually. Only scores from Challenge mode are able to be submitted to the leaderboard.

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