Fishy Feast




    Fishy Feast is a family friendly game which provides countless hours of fun for all ages. Your endless ocean journey begins as a small fish of your choice at the bottom of the food chain. Using your fine motor skills, you work your way up the food chain by dragging yourself over equal or smaller size fish. But be careful, because you are not the only fish in the sea! If you get eaten by a larger fish, you get to restart your fish. Make sure your volume is on to experience sounds, and cute appropriate comments during your maritime Fishy Feast adventure.

    Not only is this a fun and great game for people of all ages, it is especially great for children because it helps with the development of three areas:

    -Hand Eye Coordination
    -Fine Motor Planning
    -Fine Motor Skills

    The app includes worldwide family friendly leaderboards, which rank you by a simple id number. There is also a Facebook leaderboard that allows you to see the scores of only your friends that have played the game as well. So if you want to prove your skills, tell your friends to also purchase the app so you can try and beat each other's score.

    Play this game once and you won't want to put your device down!

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